Author: Debs R
I am the Acting Director of the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation at the University of Derby. I have been a primary teacher and Special Needs Co-ordinator. My area of expertise is Teacher Education for SEN and Inclusive Practice. My recent publications are as follows: Latest Book: Trussler, S. and Robinson, D. (2015) 'Inclusive Practice in the Primary School'. London:Sage Latest Journal Publication: Robinson, D (2016) 'Effective inclusive teacher education for special educational needs and disabilities: Some more thoughts on the way forward'. Teaching and Teacher Education, 61, pp164-178. Robinson, D. (2017) 'Special Educational Needs: The weaponry of categorisation and naming'. In Marshall, J, (ed) Controversial Issues in Education Studies. London: Routledge. Pending Robinson, D. (2017) 'Inclusion and special educational needs: key messages for Early years'. In Nahmad-Williams, C. and Oates, R. (eds) Early childhood education. London: Routledge. Pending.

Professional Development Network Meeting

Today at 1.30, the Professional Development Network for SEN and inclusive practice are meeting to discuss their remit, current policy, their next conference and feedback from conference delegates for their 2016 conference. We have lots of new members including student

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